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Monday, May 8, 2017

Need something different!

Today was a usual day at LA Fitness. Waiting for machines and benches, waiting for people taking selfies on machines and benches, waiting for people sitting on machines and benches texting... arggg seriously??

After I got to my car I looked up CrossFit places in the Fishers area and there was one a few blocks away! So I drove right over to check it out.

CrossFit Fishers.com
Photo by: Pam Torrence
I arrived at CrossFit Fishers while a class was in session and I just peeked inside from the doorway. Everyone was working out busy training! One of the coaches spotted me and came over and greeted me, answered some questions and made me feel welcome.

I made plans to attend the Foundations class which started the next day!

Here begins my CrossFit journey!

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